Glamour shot

by eddieguy13

posted February 17, 2012

category Glamour Photography, Nude Photography, Sexy

I think this was one of the last photos I took with my 4×5 Speed Graphic camera. I’ve been exposed to a lot of really great photographers that still use film lately and they are making me want to use my old camera again. I think I used one hot lamp and a lot of […]

Miss Josie Bunnie

by eddieguy13

posted February 15, 2012

category Pin Up Photography, Sexy

I shot this photo in my awesome old kitchen I had when I lived in Burbank. The apartment was cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. As much as the weather sucked various cute gals from around Southern California would show up we’d make awesome photos. Here is one of those awesome […]

Scarlett Noel Pin Up Queen

by eddieguy13

posted February 6, 2012

category Glamour Photography, Lingerie, Pin Up Photography

Here a shot I did of the wonderful Scarlett Noel. I shot with her a few times when I was living in Southern California and each time we had a blast. When we shot this photo I was using hot lamps and one of them had an awesome red gel to add a cool accent love. 

Mistress Olivia Outre’

by eddieguy13

posted February 2, 2012

category Erotic Art, Glamour Photography, Nude Photography, Tattoos

Here is a pic I did of Lady Olivia Outre’ a few years back. She is an awesome Dominatrix working in the LA area and has been featured in and directed numerous BDSM movies. We shot a lot of great shots but this is by far my favorite, I love the lighting and her back tattoo.

Erotic Art Events show in Februray

by eddieguy13

posted January 24, 2012

category Erotic Art, Nude Photography

I’ll be in this cool erotic art show in San Francisco in February Have a look at there website for details (NSFW). Show up, it’ll be fun.

Pictures In This Set

Sara aka $hine$fre$h

by eddieguy13

posted January 10, 2012

category Bikini, Glamour Photography, Sexy, Tattoos

Here’s a shot I did of the awesome local Hip Hop artist Sara Hines aka $hine$fre$h. She showed up with these sweet looking sunglasses and sexy bikini and we just started to create. This girl drips with style and I wanted to create images that brought that out.

All the way Mae

by eddieguy13

posted January 4, 2012

category Pin Up Photography, Sexy, Tattoos

When I lived in Burbank my apartment had this really cool kitchen. It was super hot during the spring and summer and cold in the winter. Crickets would run around it at night, they were easy prey for my cat. I loved photographing pretty women in that, it had so much character. I shot this […]

Micaela Marie

by eddieguy13

posted December 27, 2011

category Fishnets, Glamour Photography, Pin Up Photography, Sexy, Tattoos

I had the pleasure of shooting to the amazing Micaela Marie a bit ago. She brought this awesome fishnet top and we decided to shoot with it. I told her to just play with it and give me her “sexy look”, order like a champ she made my job very easy and I was able […]

Miss Athena Marie

by eddieguy13

posted December 16, 2011

category Lingerie, Sexy

I shot did this photo of Miss Athena Marie is her sexy lingerie. I used my used ABR800 Ringflash to get the lighting effect. You can see it on my site as well.

Vernoica Avluv naked on bed

by eddieguy13

posted November 21, 2011

category Glamour Photography, Nude Photography

Here is another shot of the sexy Vernoica Avluv wearing only a bed sheet. Can you ask for a better way to wake up? I shot this photo in my old place in Burbank, treatment Ca. I was so much fun shooting with Vernoica, she is a real treat!