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I think this was one of the last photos I took with my 4×5 Speed Graphic camera. I’ve been exposed to a lot of really great photographers that still use film lately and they are making me want to use my old camera again. I think I used one hot lamp and a lot of natural sunlight to make this shot. I really like the result.

When I lived in Burbank my apartment had this really cool kitchen. It was super hot during the spring and summer and cold in the winter. Crickets would run around it at night, they were easy prey for my cat. I loved photographing pretty women in that, it had so much character. I shot this photo of model All the way Mae (I know her real name, you don’t).

I had the pleasure of shooting to the amazing Micaela Marie a bit ago. She brought this awesome fishnet top and we decided to shoot with it. I told her to just play with it and give me her “sexy look”, order like a champ she made my job very easy and I was able to get this awesome shot. I used very basic lighting and plain background while shooting her because I wanted the images to showcase her exotic beauty.
Micaela Marie