Nude Photography

I think this was one of the last photos I took with my 4×5 Speed Graphic camera. I’ve been exposed to a lot of really great photographers that still use film lately and they are making me want to use my old camera again. I think I used one hot lamp and a lot of natural sunlight to make this shot. I really like the result.

Here’s a shot I did of Kayla-Jane Danger awhile ago. She’s really great model and brought a lot of energy to the shoot. I’m sure you’ve seen some of her photos around on the Internet. Anyway I shoot this photo while living Burbank and really miss the kitchen area for taking photos. All the different patterns and tattoos in this photo and the naked girl is a cool bit also.

I had the pleasure of shooting with Ava Wynter a few months ago. She was easy to work with and brought a lot of energy and excitement to the set. Our session lasted and few hours and we had a blast and took some awesome images. Her look inspired me to make images that harkened back to the Golden Age of glamour photography. This images was inspired by the Master Photographer George Hurrell.